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We will remain closed tomorrow Thu 20th Sept 2018. Any inconvenience is regretted

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SOLD. I can take orders for another in the size and combination you like. 12’x14’ hand tufted wool in beige with dark brown stripes. Price on request

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All systems up and running, 4413786 and 2365786 are working. Please call for any further information.

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Delighted that the civil work in the shop is now over and we are open for business. Not connected by the landlines but pls feel free to dial 0777689022 for information.

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Happy Mother’s Day Ladies, Every young tribal girl learns from the school of life. Nurturing the child's ability and to hone her talent is every woman’s role. From the grandmother who teaches the young girl to spin the wool while teaching her tribal lore and the use of herbs to her mother who guides and nurtures her into womanhood. Honing skills of cooking with meagre ingredients, tending to the sick and protecting her family from the harsh surroundings. Thinking up imaginative ways of keeping herself and her siblings out of trouble at the hottest time of the day and during the harsh winter months hence most of the rugs are made during this time with every member of the family contributing to this creative and whimsical art form. The rugs which are woven out of those young hands are able to add stability to the family that depends on the system of barter and sharing of ones resources with the rest of the community. A Salute To Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters Daughters and Nieces.

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